Japan Yohome|4D Oscillating Air Circulating Fan|TKSBIZ

Japan Yohome|4D Oscillating Air Circulating Fan|TKSBIZ



【Product Parameters】


2.Name:4D Oscillating Air Circulating Fan

3.Maintenance time:1 Year

4.Japanese Brand Made in China


6.Package:Product body, manual, remote control, color box



9.Rated voltage:AC100~240V,50/60Hz


11.Cord length:Exposed length 1.2 meters

12.Size:260*260*329 mm


1.12 wind speeds + 3 blowing modes: general wind, natural wind, sleep wind, to meet the temperature needs of different groups of people.

2.4D all-round automatic shaking head, the whole layer is transparent, comfortable and no blind spots. The shaking angle is 90° up and down and 85° left and right.

3. The circulating fan is different from the fan. The air flow comes out of the concentrated air column, which quickly drives the air circulation to generate turbo convection, bringing a new experience.

4. Soft sound operation, do not disturb the dream at night, the sub-chanting range is 10~45DB

5. DC variable frequency motor, strong operation, stable air source, no jam when switching between different speeds, and naturally and smoothly conveying air volume of different gears.

6. Plasma air purification mode, purifies the air while circulating the air.

7. Intelligent power saving mode, the fan can be adjusted according to the link temperature.

8. Timing mode, you can set the shutdown time within 12 hours. A more reasonable user experience, saving trouble and power.

9.6 meters remote control operation, one-button open long-distance large air volume, lazy gospel, one-button easy remote control, no need to get up to adjust, the fan is as you wish.

10. Three spiral fan blades create strong and powerful wind, concentrated airflow, long-distance air supply, strong spiral air speed, large space and flexible use, covering the whole house.

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