part one:Company Profile

THINKBUSINESS Brand Service Co. Ltd. was established in 2011. Its main business is brand building and product wholesaling. We has a wide-ranging sales and distribution network. We are authorized to represent high-quality global brands, guaranteeing genuine products and providing rigorous and reliable professional services to our customers.

Our offices are located in the mainland, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan. What we mainly sell are new and exotic and cost-effective products including skin care, electronic appliances, and maternal and child products,etc.

PART TWO:Scope of Business

Scope of Distribute

PART THREE:Brand introduction

①Japan-Lowra Rouge Series

Lowra Rouge hair dryer series holds nearly 100 patented technologies such as low electromagnetic radiation and bioceramic far infrared rays.The product patented low-radiation technology was developed by the Osaka Research Institute of Japan. The industrial design team has won many international design awards such as Red Dot. As ACE products,they were listed on the 2019 HKTVmall online shopping platform annual sales list.As well as popular in the Hong Kong and Macau markets,it launched in famous platforms such as Fortress, Suning, Yoho, etc.

②Japan-JUJY Series

JUJY,a skin beauty care brand that focuses on the comprehensive solution of skin problems, integrates functionality and aesthetics of Japanese exquisite beauty devices. JUJY series at the top of the sales ranking with annual sales over millions in our company.We have a wide range of brand promotion channels,such as official, email, self-media platforms,well-known media companies and wholesalers, etc.

③Japan-Yohome Series

The vission of Yohome is committed to creating portable smart home appliances for every family. Yohome focuses on household appliances, and its product sales network spreads all over the world.Ace product Yohome Folding humidification fan have been sold over ten thousand units in this summer. And it is also the best-selling item in Hong Kong and Macau in 2020.

④America-Meresoy Series

Meresoy, a professional sports equipment brand .Great brand influence and good reputation, once published by the world-renowned media <Ming Pao>.With an excellent production team and R&D capabilities, the sales record in Hong Kong and Macau over 20,000 units.


PART FOUR:Cooperative Partner

Customers of Thinkbusiness consist of chain stores, department stores, supermarkets, franchised stores, e-commerce trading companies, communication technology companies, etc. Customers satisfaction, is the objective which we serve; The company and the customer communal development, is our rigid pursue.

PART five:Promoting method

①Media Diffusion

Thinkbusiness has a variety of cooperative operation channels, TVB and the mainland TV station have corresponding promotion. Due to the diversification of promotion channels, we have stabilized its market position, created a better brand image, and continued to increase its corporate reputation. Continue to introduce better products, services, investments and solutions for the regional market.


②International chain

We are committed to the implementation of various channels of marketing. We have more than a thousand distributors in Hong Kong, with stores in various districts of Hong Kong, and bring customers a consistent high-quality shopping experience both online and offline.


PART SIX:Development Plan

①Expanding business territory

Taking the Greater Bay Area as the starting point to expand to the mainland of China, and at the same time expand the scope of overseas market development with the initial cooperation in Southeast Asia.

②Building high-quality brands

Focusing on the in-depth development of a series of high-quality products with existing brands as the core, while accumulating more high-quality international brands as a breakthrough, bringing confidence to more customers and ensuring the brand.

③Professional customer service

Improve the customer management system based on the existing customer system, while optimizing information records and data to provide customers with professional services.