Japan Double Clean|Natural Antibacterial Multipurpose Floor Cleaner|TKSBIZ

Japan Double Clean|Natural Antibacterial Multipurpose Floor Cleaner|TKSBIZ




【Product parameters】

1. Brand: Double Clean

2. Product name: Natural Antibacterial Multipurpose Floor Cleaner

3. Shelf life: 3 years (1 year after opening)

4. Product origin: Japanese brand, made in Taiwan, China

5. Material: light milky white translucent liquid

6. Capacity: 1L/bottle

7. Gross weight: 1.1kg

8. Odor: light lemon smell, no irritating smell & chemical smell

9. Ingredients: Coconut oil extract, plant enzymes, lemon essential oil, sea salt extract, food grade sodium carbonate, food grade citric acid, etc.


●Efficient anti-cockroach: Exclusively customized organic formula from Germany, using coconut oil extract + sodium carbonate alkaline compound with effective lemon essential oil approved by the US FDA, natural and effective cockroach repellent. Experiments and personal tests show that it is effective in repelling cockroaches after short-term use.

●Decontamination and deodorization: The microbial decomposition degree is over 97%, which can effectively and quickly remove decontamination and odor, and complete the 99.9% sterilization test.

●Safe and non-toxic: The factory has obtained the German SRS organic production certification. It does not contain any harmful pharmaceutical ingredients, is gentle and does not hurt the skin, and the product complies with PETA certification requirements. It can be used by pregnant, infant and pet families with confidence.

●Easy to mop and dry quickly: Easy to mop and dry quickly, can be used in multiple scenarios, there are no restrictions on floors, stoves, items, etc., and no need for secondary cleaning with water.

●Environmental protection and safety: It complies with Taiwan's gray water safety products, is environmentally friendly, and does not pollute water quality and soil (household wastewater generated through washing machines, showers, baths, and sinks, kitchens, etc., is called gray water).

【Recruitment of distribution and partners】

 Distribution area: Asia and North America

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