How to Use Japan JUJY RF Eye Rescuer?

STEP ONE: After cleansing, open the Japan JUJY RF Eye Rescuer special gel, take an appropriate amount of gel, and apply it to the skin around the eyes.

STEP TWO: Long press the power button to turn on, click to switch gears, three gears are available, blue(First gear)/red(Second gear)/red/blue(Third gear),and find the gear intensity suitable for your use, the blue light mode is recommended for the first use;

STEP THREE: Fit the eyes and do spot pressing treatment, spot pressing method: stop at one position for 4-5 seconds, change the zone when the temperature is hot enough for maintenance, repeat 2-3 times, 5 minutes per eye. JUJY RF Eye Rescuer will automatically shut down in 5 minutes. After the automatic shut down, change the other eye for care.

1. Medium-to-high frequency, prompting eye skin to do high-speed micro exercises.
2. Three technologies are integrated, RF radio frequency + EMS micro current + electric pulse.
3. With 24K gold-plated lead-in head to promote absorption.
4. Light fine lines, eye lines, remove dark circles and bags under the eyes.
5. Brighten the eye area and relieve eye fatigue.
NOTE: RF instruments are not recommended to be used every day, JUJY RF Eye Rescuer is recommended to be used 2-3 times a week.

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