How to use Japan JUJY Fat Removal Device?

STEP One:Spread the gel evenly on the electrodes of the fat removal device, press and hold for three seconds to turn on, and select the mode and gear as required.

STEP TWO:Short press the SONIC key to turn on the ultrasonic and blue light mode, short press again to turn off the SONIC function, short press RF+EMS to turn on the red light mode, short press RF+EMS again to turn off the function.

Press the SONIC button and RF+EMS at the same time to turn on the fat burst purple light mode (the three functions are superimposed in this mode)!

Note: There is only one gear in the ultrasonic mode, and RF+EMS has three adjustable gears. It is recommended to start with a low gear for the first use. PS: Long press the SONIC button to turn off the sound wave vibration.

STEP THREE:Use the body care mode (RF+EMS+red light), which can be used on the face and body. When using it, pull it from bottom to top, and use it for 5 minutes on both sides of the face.

STEP FOUR:Fat-dissolving mode (SONIC ultrasonic + blue light + sonic vibration massage), in the arm worshiping the meat, push it from the outside to the inside for about 5 minutes to thin the arm.

STEP FIVE:Shaping mode (RF radio frequency + EMS + red light + vibration), when used on the waist, slide in a W shape from the outside of the waist to the abdomen, sliding around the belly button, 10 minutes each time.

STEP SIX:Fat burst mode (SONIC ultrasonic + RF radio frequency + EMS + purple light + vibration), when used on the legs, push from the outside to the inside, and the left and right legs are each for 5 minutes.

STEP SEVEN:Breast beautification mode (RF radio frequency + EMS + red light), pull from the back to under the armpits and then to the chest, so that the muscles and auxiliary breasts are concentrated to the chest, 5 minutes on each side. (This product cannot achieve the effect of breast enhancement, please do not use it above the heart (heart mouth))


  • After use, wipe off the gel on the product with a paper towel and keep it properly;
  • The original special gel has better effect, but it can also be used with body lotion or slimming cream;
  • Please do not use it when bathing in baths or hot springs with bath liquid, or when doing high-temperature saunas;
  • Please avoid skin inflammation areas, wounds and sensitive areas such as eyeballs, lips, and vocal cords, and do not stay in the same area for a long time.

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