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Japan Yohome|Yohome Rotatable Ultralight Rapid Heating-up Garment Steamer|TKBIZ



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【Product Parameters】

1. Brand: Yohome

2. Product name: Yohome Rotatable Ultralight Rapid Heating-up Garment Steamer

3. Product maintenance: 1 year

4. Product origin: Japanese brand, made in China

5.Color: white

6. Material: ABS, PC, aluminum alloy

7. Net weight: 600g (including power cord)

8. Product size: 77*60*243mm

9. Ironing panel area: 7200㎜²

10. Water tank volume: 90ml

11.Input voltage: AC230V

12.Power: 1200W

13. Accessories: Instructions, anti-scalding silicone stickers*2, vacuum suction cup hook*1, velvet bag*1


1. Triple supercharged heating patented technology: the vaporized molecules are denser and faster to remove wrinkles, save water and have a longer battery life. When ironing, the clothes will not drip or get wet, and the clothes can be ironed and worn immediately.

2. High-power 1200W, rapid preheating in 10-15s, faster steam output, and larger air volume for easy ironing of thick clothes.

3. Don’t pick clothes: Built-in constant temperature thermostat, 120℃ constant temperature steam, suitable for clothes of various materials without damaging the clothes.

4. Lightweight and compact, 460g (excluding power cord), which is half the weight of mainstream garment steamers. It has an ergonomic design and is not tiring to hold.

5. The ironing head can be rotated 90° clockwise (I-type and T-type). The T-type is suitable for flat ironing scenarios, and the I-type is suitable for hanging ironing scenarios; it is rotatable and more portable, and does not take up space for storage.

6. The large water tank (compared to the previous generation product) is removable and has a vertical design, making it more convenient to use.

7. Automatic overload fuse protection, automatic power off when the temperature is too high, double protection is safer.

8. Complimentary ① Thermal insulation stickers (can be peeled off, cleaned and reused), you can choose to use them to prevent burns; ② Vacuum suction cup hook: convenient for hanging clothes for ironing when traveling.

9. Remove the complex and simplify it, one-click to release steam, no need to press and hold.

【Recruitment of distribution and partners】

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