Britain SKIDY|Intelligent Reassuring Kids Smart Watch|TKSBIZ

Britain SKIDY|Intelligent Reassuring Kids Smart Watch|TKSBIZ




【Product Parameters】

1. Brand: SKIDY

2. Product name: British SKIDY smart and precise positioning multi-national travel companion visual growth children's watch

3. Product maintenance: 1 year

4. Product origin: British brand, made in China

5. Color: pink, blue

6. Net weight: 52g

7. Product size (watch movement): 49*40*16mm

8. Product size (including strap unfolded): 245*40*16mm

9. System/OS: Android 8.1.0

10. Charging time: about 3-4h

11. Standby time: about 3 days

12.Battery capacity: 680mAh

13.Material: silicone + electronic components

14. Charging interface: one end is USB, the other end is electromagnetic suction charging

15. Accessories: watch, manual, charging cable (excluding adapter)


1.1.69-inch large screen, ultra-high screen-to-body ratio makes it easy to wear and display clearly;

2. Support video calls to understand the real-time status of children in a timely manner;

3. Dual-core CPU, 1+16G memory capacity, smoother operation;

4. Facebook/WhatsApp/line (line needs to be downloaded from the play store) and other software are more smooth and worry-free to use;

5. Supports multiple positioning such as GPS, BDS, LBS, WiFi, AGPS, etc., making the positioning more accurate.

【Recruitment of distribution and partners】

Distribution area: Asia and North America
Agency consultation Tel: +852 6847 6120
Whatsapp: +852 6847 6120