Japan JUJY|Beauty Machine Pro (upgraded)|TKSBIZ

Japan JUJY|Beauty Machine Pro (upgraded)|TKSBIZ



【Product Parameters】

1. Brand: Japan JUJY

2. Product name: Beauty Machine Pro (upgraded)

3. Use time: about 45-60 minutes

4. Product maintenance: 1 year

5. Japanese Brand Made in China

6. Color: white

7. Packing list: host *1 charging cable *1 machine cloth *1 base *1 manual *1 official slimming cream *1

8. Main materials: PC, ABS, zinc alloy, stainless steel

9. Power: 5W

10. Rated voltage: 7.4V⎓

11. Product weight: about 335g

12. Plug: Type-C charging cable

13. Charging time: about 5 hours


1. The energy-enhanced version of the fat bursting machine is upgraded to bring a strong and effective slimming experience. With the addition of fat burning slimming cream, the effect is doubled.

2. Hierarchical slimming energy, EMS current surface layer + RF radio frequency dermis layer + ultrasonic fat layer + MFIP deep muscle exercise, the slimming instrument energy upgrade and more professionally break down the problem of slimming.

3. Energy upgrade, 800,000 frequency ultrasonic energy + 1MHz radio frequency burning to crush fat, 90KHz micro-current + 100,000 Hz mid-cycle drives the muscles to automatically move and shape, and the jitter is visible to the naked eye.

4. Three-color phototherapy + radio frequency slimming can also effectively reduce skin wrinkles, stretch marks and orange lines; 42 degrees hot compress can start the cycle at any time, which is necessary for weight loss in winter.

5. The slimming modes for arms, thighs, waist and abdomen are set separately, and different slimming schemes are set for different areas, which makes it more scientific to shape and reduce fat.

6. The official configuration slimming body cream doubles the fat-burning effect with the use of unique fumaric acid to help dissolve fat decomposition, add caffeine to eliminate body edema, and give you a perfect curve.

【Recruitment of distribution and partners】

Distribution area: Asia and North America

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