Japan Yohome| Hydrogen Water Bottle Generator|TKBIZ

Japan Yohome| Hydrogen Water Bottle Generator|TKBIZ



【Product Parameters】


2.Name:Hydrogen Water Bottle Generator

3.Maintenance time:1 Year

4.Brand Made in China


6.Charging method: USB-TYPE-C 

7. Charging time: 2.5-4 hours

8. Battery: about 15 times of electrolysis in 5 minutes, 8-10 times of electrolysis in 10 minutes

9. Rated voltage: 5V

10. Power adapter: 5V/2A

11. Power: 4W

12. Lithium battery capacity: 1800mAh

13. Main material: ABS, PC

14. Product size: 63 (diameter) * 236mm (height)

15. Capacity: 280ml

16. Weight: 0.282kg

17. Accessories: hydrogen-rich water cup*1, manual*1, TYPE-C charging cable*1, cup brush*1


1. High-efficiency hydrogen production, rapid hydrogen production of more than 3000 ppb concentration in 10 minutes, supplementing a large amount of hydrogen molecules while drinking water every day, helping to remove free radicals in the body, can effectively improve antioxidant capacity and improve sub-health conditions.

2. The optimal generation hydrogen production technology, SPE membrane electrode hydrogen and oxygen separation + pure hydrogen electrolysis technology, produces small molecular cluster water while eliminating harmful substances such as residual chlorine, ozone and heavy metals, making drinking healthier and more secure.

3. The purity of hydrogen production is as high as 99.99%. The pressurized structure of the whole machine increases the dissolved hydrogen gas. The higher the hydrogen purity, the better the absorption, and it can penetrate into cells in the body more effectively, exert biological activity, and effectively promote metabolism and improve blood circulation.

4. Complete safety certification: Food-grade PC material is selected, FDA/SGS/CE certification is complete, and the use is more assured.

5. Easy operation, transparent and visible hydrogen production, equipped with OLED display, the power, hydrogen production time, and hydrogen concentration changes are clear at a glance, one-button operation for rapid hydrogen production.

6. One machine for dual purposes, the base is disassembled, and can be used for direct hydrogen production or external bottled water hydrogen production.

【Recruitment of distribution and partners】

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