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Japan Dr.Parent|Gold Nutrition Dietary Supplement|TKSBIZ



【Product Parameters】

1.Brand: Dr.Parent

2. Product name: Dr.Parent Natural Concentrated Multi-effect Anti-Asian Healthy Life Nutrition Pills

3. Product origin: Japanese brand, made in China


5. Specifications: 60 capsules/bottle

6. Net weight: 608mg x 60 capsules, 37g

7. Product size: 102.5*62*62mm

8. Shelf life: 3 years

9.Usage period: 1 bottle, 1 month

10. Ingredients: melon extract (contains superoxide dismutase SOD), coenzyme Q10 (reduced form), linseed oil (contains OMEGA-3/OMEGA-6), calendula extract (contains lutein, racemic corn flavin, zeaxanthin), brewer's yeast powder (containing vitamin B complex), acerola cherry extract (containing vitamin C), algae extract powder (containing DHA), red algae powder (containing seaweed calcium), ferrous glycinate complex , compound zinc glycinate, spore-forming lactic acid bacteria, etc.
(ps: SGS detects 13 kinds of nutrients and 11 kinds of core ingredients)

11. Capsule ingredients: hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, pure water, carrageenan, red No. 6 for food, potassium chloride, blue No. 1 for food


1. One bottle provides the key nutrients needed by busy sub-healthy people: a combination of multiple core ingredients into one, which helps to improve vitality, eye protection, nutritional supplements, beautification, immune enhancement, body function improvement, energy supplement, heart disease Vitality supplement, etc., one bottle = DHA + OMEGA + Coenzyme Q10 + Lutein + Multivitamins + Lactic Acid Bacteria + Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, etc. (association: taking care of your body on behalf of your mother, comprehensive nutrition).

2. Easy to take, a must-have for lazy people: the most suitable nutritional supplements are matched for you. You no longer need to prepare bottles and jars and think about how to mix them or take multiple types. It can streamline and simplify nutritional supplement needs and provide more efficient nutritional assistance. Super antioxidant function, supplement high-quality nutrition.

3. High-trust ingredients and raw materials are used to create the most suitable nutritional supplement formula: raw materials patented and certified by multiple countries, raw materials imported from more than 10 countries, which are better and safer to eat; the formula raw materials have won a total of 22 patents and 23 certifications; (Specially selected for easy absorption are Japanese Kaneka patented reduced Q10, which holds 15 patents, and French Extramel melon extract SOD. A single ingredient has up to six patents and strict development processes and reports. The remaining raw materials have various international certifications, etc.) .

4. Efficient absorption increased by 100%: The selected cantaloupe SOD uses palm oil microencapsulated patented coating ingredients. Multiple raw material processes are optimized to promote absorption and maximize product effectiveness. At the same time, it is compounded with Japanese oil powder phase that is rare on the market. Rong's liquid light hard capsule filling technology, the entire product uses oily ingredients such as linseed oil to enhance the absorption of other fat-soluble nutrients, more effectively promote absorption, and truly exert its effect on the body.

5. Effective feedback: After multiple product experimental studies and real-person test feedback, sleep quality/cognitive ability/work efficiency and mobility can be effectively improved after taking it. It also helps regulate the gastrointestinal tract and eyes, and significantly improves physical strength and mental energy.

6. High-trust manufacturers create high-quality products: a manufacturer with complete GMP/ISO/HACCP/FDA certification, with many years of experience in health food production, nutritional pill products developed through years of research and development by a team of professional nutritionists and laboratories.

【Recruitment of distribution and partners】

Distribution area: Asia and North America

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