Japan DEAR.MIN|Ultra-fast Sleep Neck Support Anti-snore Pillow(Light Version)|TKSBIZ

Japan DEAR.MIN|Ultra-fast Sleep Neck Support Anti-snore Pillow(Light Version)|TKSBIZ



【Product Parameters】


2.Name:Ultra-fast Sleep Neck Support Anti-snore Pillow(Light Version)

3.Maintenance time:1 Year

4.Japan Brand Made in China

5. Pillow composition: Polyurethane

6. Inner cover material: 100% polyester

7. Outer pillowcase material: 32.5% (±2.5%) bamboo fiber, 67.5% (±2.5%) polyester fiber

8. Antibacterial agent: Sanitized®

9. Net weight: 1.17kg

10. Product size: 600*375*82mm

11. Low side lying height (pillow core): 78mm

12. Very low side supine height (pillow core): 38mm

13. Low side supine height (pillow core): 69mm


1. Two-stage gold ergonomic height low pillow design (3.8&6.9cm), exclusive patent design according to Asian body shape parameters, to create a low pillow with cervical spine support for people who like low pillows, effectively relax muscles, eliminate shoulder and neck Back pain, helps to fall asleep quickly.

2. More effective antibacterial and anti-mite protection, select bamboo fiber + Swiss Sanitized® antibacterial and anti-mite pillowcase, and pass the high standard of Class A certification for infants, providing breathable, comfortable and healthy long-term sleep protection.

3. Customize NASA's same slow-rebound memory foam, which is moderately soft and hard, with strong wrapping properties, ultra-thin height and supportive force, which improves the comfort and makes sleep more comfortable.

4. Rare cervical spine massage convex point design + head fixed convex point design in the market, it also helps to relieve muscle tension and cervical spine arching while sleeping.

5. Scientific zoning design, sleeping on the side or on the back, ergonomics combined with the patented four-point support head, neck, shoulder and hand design, perfectly fits and supports the neck, relieves fatigue, promotes smooth airway, and reduces snoring.

【Recruitment of distribution and partners】

Distribution area: Asia and North America

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