Comforbot| Whole Body Health & Fitness Home Vibration Machine|TKSBIZ

Comforbot| Whole Body Health & Fitness Home Vibration Machine|TKSBIZ



【Product Parameters】


2.Name:Whole Body Health & Fitness Home Vibration Machine

3.Maintenance time:1 Year

4.Hong Kong Brand Made in China

5.Color: Gray

6. Size: 400*305*122mm

9. Product Weight: 7.8kg

10. Main material: ABS

11. Rated voltage: 220-240V~

12. Frequency: 50/60Hz

13. Rated current: 0.8A

14. Rated power: 180W

15. Noise: less than 60db

16. Maximum load: 100kg

17. Amplitude: 3mm

18. Wire length: 170cm

19. Gear adjustment: 30 gears + 6 smart modes

20. Accessories: main unit, manual, UK power cord, remote control, elastic cord *2


1. Continuous and stable rhythm promotes passive muscle contraction, improves metabolism and facilitates weight loss.

2. Unique two-level temperature control and dual heating zone design, in addition to rhythmic movement, it can also be heated and massaged.

3. The high-performance motor enjoys the rhythm quietly, and the continuous high-frequency vibration reaches the deep fascia, which can be used as a super-large fascia gun to help break down lactic acid.

4. Multifunctional numerical control digital display panel, 30 rhythm gears to choose from, there is always one that is the most suitable gear; six intelligent modes simulate various sports states.

5. The lightest rhythm machine on the market + non-slip silicone pad + suction cup design + stable structure, light, stable and safe.

6. Standard smart remote control + training elastic rope, easy to operate, vibration transmission to the whole body.

【Recruitment of distribution and partners】

Distribution area: Asia and North America

Agency consultation Tel: +852 6847 6120

Whatsapp: +852 6847 6120