Comforbot|Cordless Laser Healthcare Quick Effect Rhinitis Instrument|TKSBIZ

Comforbot|Cordless Laser Healthcare Quick Effect Rhinitis Instrument|TKSBIZ




【Product parameters】

1. Brand: Comfortbot

2. Product name: Comforbot Cordless Laser Healthcare Quick Effect Rhinitis Instrument

3. Product maintenance: 1 year

4. Product origin: Hong Kong brand, made in China

5. Product color: white

6. Product size: host 63*36mm, charging compartment 80*65*37mm

7. Product net weight: main unit 11g, including charging compartment 100g

8. Product material: host/charging box-ABS, nasal tube-medical grade polycarbonate

9. Accessories: main unit (comes with a pair of nasal cannulas), sterilized charging compartment, TYPE-C charging cable, a pair of spare nasal cannulas, instructions, and product brand card


1. The world's first ultra-mini laser rhinitis machine: Exclusively patented ultra-mini smile curved surface shape, the curved surface better fits the curvature of the human face, and can be used by both children and adults. The shape and nasal tube are the thinnest in the world.

2. Efficient laser physiotherapy: It only takes three minutes each time. It is an efficient physiotherapy for rhinitis. It is purely physical physiotherapy, with zero irritation, no nose damage and no dependence.

3. Wireless charging and disinfection are more convenient: It comes with a UVC disinfection and charging compartment, which starts sterilization and charging as soon as it is put into the box, ensuring hygiene and safety every time it is used, and it can be charged and used anytime.

4. Verified and effective home-based rhinitis physiotherapy method: According to effective reports in multiple clinical documents and studies, the overall clinical effectiveness rate exceeds 90%, which helps promote blood circulation in nasal tissue, improve immune function, reduce inflammatory reactions, and enhance nasal cavity health. Antiviral ability can eliminate edema of nasal mucosa, accelerate the repair and recovery of nasal tissue, and gradually improve rhinitis.

5. Simple lazy-style operation: One-button lazy-style operation, put it into the nasal cavity and start it up, which is more convenient.

【Recruitment of distribution and partners】

Distribution area: Asia and North America

Agency consultation Tel: +852 6847 6120

Whatsapp: +852 6847 6120