Japan Yohome| 2in1 Multi-functional Max Powerful Dehumidifier PRO|TKSBIZ

Japan Yohome| 2in1 Multi-functional Max Powerful Dehumidifier PRO|TKSBIZ




【Product parameters】

1. Brand: Yohome

2. Product name: Yohome 2in1 Multi-functional Max Powerful Dehumidifier PRO

3. Product maintenance: 1 year

4. Product origin: Japanese brand, made in China

5. Product color: white

6. Product net weight: 2.4kg

7. Product size: 250*140*321mm

8. Rated voltage: 18V

9. Power: 54W

10.Power cord length: 1.5m

11.Dehumidification range: 20~30m²

12. Noise: 38db


1. Dual high-efficiency condensing fins, dual-core powerful dehumidification, energy saving and environmental protection.

2. Three levels of adjustment, regular dehumidification level + powerful dehumidification level + silent dehumidification level.

3. Unique semiconductor + desiccant dual dehumidification structure, the environment and wardrobe are kept dry at the same time, and the desiccant can be reused.

4. Intelligent auxiliary automatic shutdown when the water is full, touch operation, maximum 24h timing.

5. Compact and portable + 3L large water tank.

6.UV ultraviolet sterilization, dehumidification and killing airborne viruses and bacteria.

【Recruitment of distribution and partners】

Distribution area: Asia and North America

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