America Dr.Parent|CES Anxiety Relief Sleep Aid Device|TKSBIZ

America Dr.Parent|CES Anxiety Relief Sleep Aid Device|TKSBIZ



【Product Parameters】


2.Name:CES Anxiety Relief Sleep Aid Device

3.Maintenance time:1 Year

4.American Brand Made in China


6.Package:host*1,charging cable*1,ear clip electrodes*1,cavitation electrode*1,gasket cotton*1



9.Rated voltage:3.7V DC




1. Effectively ensure: The CES transcranial therapy from the United States can deeply sleep, relieve anxiety and depression, rejuvenate, and help relieve neurasthenia. According to the CES laboratory research, after five CES therapy treatments, the pleasant alpha waves in the brain were significantly enhanced. The participants who participated in the study increased their sleep time by an average of 43 minutes. More than 90% of the patients had improved sleep quality and an average of 94% slowed down. of anxiety.

2. No physical dependence: Physical auxiliary treatment of insomnia, emotional regulation, pain relief, etc., is safe, has no side effects, and does not produce dependence. CES therapy is more durable and safer than drug therapy.

3. Various certifications: CES therapy has obtained various certifications in the United States and the European Union: FDA certification, EU medical-grade CE, American UL safety certification, international SGS safety certification, etc. This product also has CFDA secondary medical device certification, CE, UKCA certification, Safe and effective, scientifically guide sleep, effectively calm the brain and better regulate emotions. Over 1000+ CES therapy literature records.

4. Combination of Chinese and Western: Combining European and American CES therapy (bipolar asymmetric two-way wave + microampere electrotherapy) + TCM auricular point (earlobe point, Shenmen point, etc.) stimulation therapy, two-pronged approach.

5. Easy to use: Small and portable, available anywhere, easy to operate. Multi-speed mode adjustment, easy to select exclusive frequency.

【Recruitment of distribution and partners】

Distribution area: Asia and North America

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