Korea AIBeauty|Micro-Bubble Filtered Skin Care Shower Head|TKSBIZ

Korea AIBeauty|Micro-Bubble Filtered Skin Care Shower Head|TKSBIZ



【Product Parameters】


2.Name:Micro-Bubble Filtered Skin Care Shower Head

3.Maintenance time:1 Year

4.Korean Brand Made in China


6.Package:Shower, 2 filter elements

7.Shower material: PC/ABS+stainless steel

8.Filter element composition: PP cotton + PP plastic + hydrogen-rich ceramic ball + calcium sulfite ball

9.Shower size: 56*65.5*200mm

10.Filter element size: diameter 24mm*height 84.5mm

11.Product interface: international thread G1/2 (four points)

12.Shower warranty period: 1 year (non-artificial quality problem)

13.Shower shelf life: 3 years

14.Filter life cycle: 1-2 months/piece

15.Filter element shelf life: 2 years


1. The patented micro-bubble technology uses 0.13 μm-50 μm bubble water to penetrate deeply into the hair follicles of the human skin, and thoroughly clean the dirt, keratin and oil attached to the surface of the human body and the deep layers of the skin. (deep cleansing)

2. Micro-bubble water is rich in active oxygen, which can enter the pores of the skin, increase the water content of the cells, and improve the moisturizing degree of the skin, so as to achieve the purpose of moisturizing and moisturizing. (skin beauty)

3. 271 water outlets generate a very fine mist-like water flow, which is gentle and fine, cares for delicate skin, and allows you to experience unprecedented gentle caressing. It is also suitable for babies and sensitive skin people. (soft and comfortable)

4. Contains a dechlorination filter element, which can effectively filter and block harmful substances, making it clean and healthy. (care for skin)

【Recruitment of distribution and partners】

Distribution area: Asia and North America

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