Japan Yohome|Sterilization Drain Collapsible Washing Machine|TKSBIZ

Japan Yohome|Sterilization Drain Collapsible Washing Machine|TKSBIZ



【Product Parameters】


2.Name:Sterilization Drain Collapsible Washing Machine

3.Maintenance time:1 Year

4.Japanese Brand Made in China


6.Package:product body, manual, outer box, storage bag, adapter, water filter basket



9.Rated voltage:100~240V~


11.Size:olded: 292x292x93mm unfolded: 292x292x288mm


1. One machine is multi-purpose, washing machine + disinfection machine two in one. Can deal with a variety of special use environments, no need to install water inlet and outlet, normal use.

2. High-speed motor, 550 rpm, better water filtering effect than similar products. The high-efficiency motor saves electricity and consumes less water when the capacity is suitable.

3. Double antibacterial, antibacterial pulsator + ultraviolet disinfection, effectively inhibit the growth and reproduction of bacteria. Children and women's underwear, it is healthier to sort and clean.

4. Small body and large capacity, foldable and easy to carry, easy to store and accompany you with you. It can hold a maximum cleaning volume of 0.8KG. The fully enclosed touch key panel is beautiful, safe and reliable.

5. The retractable drain pipe can be pulled out to extend the drainage distance when in use. Hidden buckle design, easy to grab and pour when manually draining.

6. Strong suction cup, stable adsorption to the ground during operation. One-button water outlet switch, pull the water out of the machine to automatically discharge.

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