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Japan Yohome Retro Blender|TKSBIZ



【Product Parameters】

1. Brand: Yohome

2. Product name: retro ice juicer

3. Motor speed: 21000±1000 r/min

4. Product maintenance: 1 year

5. Product origin: Japanese brand, made in China

6. Color: white gold, pink gold

7. Packing list: glass mason cup, AS plastic crushed ice cup, accompanying cup, 6-leaf knife holder for juicing, 4-leaf knife holder for crushed ice, cup lid*4, straw*2

8. Main material: ABS (body shell, Mason cup lid, accompanying cup size lid)

9. Power: 300W

10. Rated voltage: 220V~50Hz

11. Product weight: about 1.9kg

12. Power cord length: about 1m


1. Retro design, ultra-simple operation of the pull rod, 20000 rpm motor supports more cooking experience, a must-have for a high-value kitchen

2. The crushed ice squeezing operation is independent, the nutrient vitamin C of the juice is healthier, and the crushed ice DIY smoothie experience is more interesting

3.4 leaf crushed ice, 6-leaf squeeze, glass juice cup + AS plastic crushed ice cup dual configuration, more professional, no odor

4. Accompanying cup + straw, easy to carry and use, and can be turned into a juice drink cup when you go out on the street

【Recruitment of distribution and partners】

Distribution area: Asia and North America

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