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Japan Komyair Cell Crash CAVI|TKSBIZ



【Product Parameters】

1. Brand: Komyair

2. Product name: Komyair Cell Crash CAVI

3. Use time: about 30-60 minutes

4. Product maintenance: 1 year

5. Product origin: Japanese brand, made in Japan

6. Color: red

7. Packing list: host *1 charging cable *1 wipe cloth *1 base *1 manual *1

8. Packing size: 225*73*188mm

9. Power: 6W

10. Rated voltage: 5V

11. Product weight: 240g

12. Battery capacity: 1000mAh

13. Charging time: about 1.5h


1. Japanese beauty black technology, ultrasonic superimposed multi-polar radio frequency, micro current and dual phototherapy effects in one body slimming and fat explosion device;

2. Using 500KHz high-frequency ultrasound, energy can penetrate 4-6mm under the skin to break up cellulite. High-frequency vibration will also generate heat energy, improve internal circulation and metabolism, and discharge the crushed cellulite out of the body;

3. The radio frequency energy of 500KHz±10% can penetrate the skin epidermis directly to the dermis, thereby accelerating the metabolism and promoting the growth of collagen, making the skin plump and firm, and has the effect of firming the skin;

4. The micro-current of medium and high frequency (100000Hz±10%) acts on the fascia layer, which can stimulate the muscles to expand and contract autonomously. It can produce 120 muscle movements in 10 minutes, which can burn cellulite in the body and have a shaping effect;

5. Red light skin rejuvenation: 630nm LED active red light acts on the skin tissue to produce photochemical interaction and hyperthermia interaction, which can improve circulation in the body, enhance the production of collagen, make the skin smooth and firm, and regain the girly muscles;

6. Red and blue light cleansing: 630nm LED active red light + 475nm LED active blue light can reduce the growth of acne, accelerate metabolism and stimulate collagen production, making the skin not only soft, but also clean and flawless;

7. The whole body is waterproof, the metal head is anti-sensitivity, slimming while firming and shaping, beautiful breasts and skin rejuvenation, one machine can also care for the whole body.

【Recruitment of distribution and partners】

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