Japan JUJY|Facial Hydration Airbrush|TKSBIZ

Japan JUJY|Facial Hydration Airbrush|TKSBIZ



【Product Parameters】

1. Brand: JUJY

2. Product name: Japan JUJY muscle bottom instant oxygen injection water light meter

3. After-sales service: Hong Kong, Macau

4. Product maintenance: 1 year

5. Origin of product: Japanese brand, made in China

6. Color: Green

7. Packing list: host X1, charging cable X1, product bottle X1, JUJY hydrogel essence X5, manual X1

8. Main material: ABS, silicone

9. Power: 5W

10. Rated voltage: 3.7V

11. Product weight: about 163g


1.130kPa high pressure oxygen injection, open the skin channel, deeply repair the skin-like bear, and rebuild the skin elasticity

2. Nano moisturizing with brightening moisturizing essence, reaching the bottom of the muscle, penetrating the cell membrane and reaching the dermis layer for deep SPA

3. Ultra-micro atomization, delicate and non-irritating, oxygen injection without water droplets, moisturizing the skin without dead ends

4.450nm short-wave blue light accelerates the metabolism cycle of skin cells, calms and soothes the skin, inhibits inflammation, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory

【Recruitment of distribution and partners】

Distribution area: Asia and North America

Agency consultation Tel: +852 6847 6120

Whatsapp: +852 6847 6120

Email: mail@tksbiz.com