Germany Firstery| Electric Steam Soothing Eye Massager|TKSBIZ

Germany Firstery| Electric Steam Soothing Eye Massager|TKSBIZ



【Product Parameters】

1.Brand: Firstery

2.Name: Electric Steam Soothing Eye Massager

3.Maintenance time: 1 Year

4.Brand Made in China

5.Color: White

6. Accessories content: Type-c charging cable, storage bag, water bottle

7. Main material: ABS, silicone

8. Power: 5.5W

9. Rated voltage: 5V

10. Product weight: 170g

11. Water tank capacity: 6ml

12. Gear position: mist volume--small mist volume 2.5ml/10mins, heavy mist volume 3.5ml/10mins

13. Temperature: hot compress - low temperature 42°C, high temperature 50°C.

14. Charging time: 2-2.5H

15. Battery life: automatic timing 10 minutes/time, available 10 times


1. The recyclable steam eye mask can quickly release steam in five seconds to quickly relieve dry eyes and fatigue

2. Prompt in Cantonese, super easy to use with large buttons on both sides

3. The combination of adjustable temperature hot compress + micron-level steam atomization can penetrate into the skin under the eyes more efficiently, and effectively relieve eye problems such as dark circles/eye fatigue/foreign body sensation

4. Hygienic and safe, nano-silver ion antibacterial water tank + detachable washable silicone pad double hygiene guarantee, real-time intelligent temperature control for safe use

5. Thin and non-sense to wear, ergonomic 3D fitting groove design, only 170g ultra-light, more comfortable to wear

【Recruitment of distribution and partners】

Distribution area: Asia and North America

Agency consultation Tel: +852 6847 6120

Whatsapp: +852 6847 6120