Japan Double Clean|Multi-purpose Portable Spot Cleaner2.0 Pro|TKSBIZ

Japan Double Clean|Multi-purpose Portable Spot Cleaner2.0 Pro|TKSBIZ



【Product Parameters】

1.Brand:Double Clean

2.Name:Double Clean Multi-purpose Portable Spot Cleaner2.0 Pro

3.Maintenance time:1 Year

4.Japanese Brand Made in China



7. Packing list: main unit, standard brush head, wide brush head, self-cleaning head, instruction manual

8. Main material: ABS

9. Power: 150W

10. Rated voltage: 22V

11. Product weight: about 4.35kg

12. Suction power: ordinary gear: 7kpa; high-grade: 9kpa


1. The rear water spray design can complete water spraying, brushing and water absorption in one step, and efficient cleaning is not time-consuming.

2. Wireless portable + 1.7 meters long catheter + 35 minutes of battery life, realizes multi-purpose whole house cleaning with one machine.

3.9 kPa high suction power, two-speed mode, easy to switch, the running water is cleaned and sucked at the same time, avoiding the trouble of being difficult to dry for a long time.

4. Equipped with 2 multi-functional suction heads, standard brush head and wide brush head, which can be used in various scenarios.

5. Equipped with a hose self-cleaning glue tip, which can clean the dirt in the hose by itself and avoid blockage.

6. Large-capacity water tank, clean water tank 1250ml + sewage tank 750ml, avoid frequent refilling and pouring.

7. Humanized design, hose winding storage design, portable handle easy to carry and easy to hold, soft triangular brush to care for the fabric.

【Recruitment of distribution and partners】

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