Japan DEAR.MIN|Deep Sleep Neck Support Zero Pressure Pillow|TKSBIZ

Japan DEAR.MIN|Deep Sleep Neck Support Zero Pressure Pillow|TKSBIZ



【Product Parameters】


2.Name:Deep Sleep Neck Support Zero Pressure Pillow

3.Maintenance time:1 Year

4.Japanese Made in China

5. Packing list: main body, non-woven bag, carbon bag

6. Main material: pillow core/gasket-polyurethane pillow core lining-polyester fiber gasket lining-all polyester pillowcase-polyester fiber

7. Product weight: about 1.6kg

8. Product size: 635*385*135cm


1. Ergonomic support
①The curvature of the two sides presents an inverted C, which perfectly fits the curve and has a strong supporting force. It protects the cervical spine and further improves the quality of sleep.

② For a suitable pillow, the ideal state is that when lying down, the neck extends to the shoulders and there is no gap. This is the effective support. When lying down and lying on the side, the distance between the shoulders and the bed surface is different, so the fixed height pillows on the market cannot do it. This pillow adopts the design of different heights on the same side, so that you can sleep on the side or on the side all night. It can be turned any way.

③ The pillow is actually for the neck to sleep, supporting the weight of the neck and the head, absorbing the pressure and relieving the pressure of the muscles. And everyone's "neck length" is different, we made two different arc designs on a pillow.

The "long neck" design extends the slope of the neck support - allowing you to lean on it comfortably, with support and without being obtrusive

"Short neck" micro-arc design - hold just right without leaving gaps

2. DIY tailored care

①In reality, we often encounter the situation where we try to lie down very comfortably in the store, but it is completely different when we come home. This is because the height of the pillow is very important, and at the same time, it must also match the hardness of your mattress. When the bed is soft, the body will sag by 2 cm when lying down. At this time, the pillow will be too high, the neck will be obviously lifted, the shoulders will be pulled up, and the bed surface will not be touched, and vice versa.

②Have you ever thought that if the pillow is 1 cm away, it may cause stiff neck pain in your shoulders? This pillow, from 6cm to 11cm, has all kinds of sleeping positions and heights. For guests who have extremely high requirements for pillow height and softness, they can freely combine and match according to their sleeping habits and bedding conditions at home to ensure the best sleep state.

【Recruitment of distribution and partners】

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