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Japan COFO|Chair Premium|TKSBIZ



【Product Parameters】

1.Brand:Japan COFO

2.Name:Chair Premium

3.Maintenance time:1 Year

4.Japanese Brand Made in China

5.Color:Black or Grey

6.Package:Chair , instruction manual

7.Meterials:aluminum alloy, nylon, PU

8.Product load-bearing weight: 135kg

9. The product's maximum inclination angle: 125 degrees, four-stage adjustment

10. Product weight: about 26kg

11. Product maximum tilt angle: 125 degrees, stepless adjustment

12.Armrest: 4D adjustment, 5-stage height adjustment, adjustable front/rear/left/right/tilt angle, nylon+PU material

13.Cylinder: 4-stage air rod height adjustment

14.Head adjustment: 5-stage height adjustment, angle stepless adjustment, 36-degree rotation adjustment

15.Axles: 5 wheels mute, alloy wheels

16.Waist: Waist independent elastic mesh structure, adjustable damping feedback support elastic force according to weight and personal feeling


1. The latest black technology ergonomic chair, which fits the individual body curve, the back can be adjusted, and the waist and hips are supported at all angles, saying goodbye to low back pain

2. Fine-tuning of hand-made product details + mechanical assembly to achieve the highest stability, 9 hand-made processes

3. Obtained the authoritative certification of BIFMA, and each component has been tested for more than 100,000 times to create the safest and most stable performance chair

4. The inclination angle/chair height/head angle/foot support is carefully designed, and the back can be adjusted to support the angle, making the working posture the most labor-saving

5. The ultra-quiet wheel moves silently, and the PU mesh surface has stable elasticity to give the best support, breathable and comfortable, and has a longer service life than ordinary office chairs

【Recruitment of distribution and partners】

Distribution area: Asia and North America

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