Japan Yohome Instant Hot Water Dispenser|TKSBIZ

Japan Yohome Instant Hot Water Dispenser|TKSBIZ



【Product Parameters】


2.Name:Instant Hot Water Dispenser

3.Maintenance time:1 Year

4.Brand Made in China


6.Package:Main unit, tea box, water bottle adapter cover, water pipe, British power cord



9.Rated voltage:220V~50Hz

10.Weight:About 0.8kg 

11.Cord length:0.8m



1. Nano-rare earth heating 3S effluent, non-scale heating rate is faster, 7-stage temperature setting can be selected as you like;

2. Rotate the display screen, select the bubble milk tea on demand, three levels of water output are optional, and the water output is convenient and simple by pressing one button;

3.1+1 mode, two-in-one for making tea and drinking water, control the time of making tea as you like, with a filter to dispense water;

4. Two kinds of water receiving methods, mineral water bottle or barreled water can be directly, A4 paper size desktop does not take up space;

5. The water dispenser with a child lock function is safer, self-cleaning, and the internal self-cleaning does not need to be disassembled and washed.

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