How to Use Japan JUJY Facial Cleansing Instrument

After removing makeup, use the cleansing instrument with facial cleanser to remove residual cosmetics and aging cuticles to achieve a deep cleansing effect. Here we take the Japan JUJY Facial Cleansing Instrument as an example. Here we introduce the correct use of the cleansing instrument.

STEP ONE: After moisturizing the face, place the frequently used cleanser on the brush area and apply it wet, and long press the power mode button to turn on the high-frequency vibration to assist deep cleansing.

STEP TWO: Clean the skin, move along the contours of the face to clean the cheeks, forehead, nose and parts below the eyes.

STEP THREE: complete the cleansing rinse and dry the face. Continue to use subsequent skin care steps.

STEP FOUR: Short press the power button to switch gears, after cleaning, long press the power mode button to shut down.

1. Do not use it while charging, and keep the product dry during charging.
2. Do not disassemble or repair the product.
3. Please put it in a high place after use, away from children.
4. Do not place or use the product in high temperature places such as steaming rooms or under the sun, and do not use this product near flammable and explosive materials.
5. Do not soak the cleanser in water for a long time.
6. If the product is damaged, please do not continue to use it.


1. Be sure to unplug the power cord from the dedicated charging adapter before using this product, do not use it during charging.
2. This product is not a medical device, only for cosmetic use
3. If you feel pain or discomfort, stop using it immediately.
4. For users who use this product for the first time or for sensitive muscles, please use this product for a short time to test, and use this machine step by step according to the test situation.
5. In the event of an abnormality or failure, please stop using this product immediately, and contact the sales store for maintenance and inspection to avoid fire, electric shock and personal injury.