MOKKOM|Cold Pressed Juicer Machine|TKSBIZ

MOKKOM|Cold Pressed Juicer Machine|TKSBIZ



【Product Parameters】


2.Name:Cold Pressed Juicer Machine

3.Maintenance time:1 Year

4.Brand Made in China


6.Package:Juice cup, slag cup, push rod, cleaning brush, host, manual



9.Rated voltage:220V~50Hz

10.Weight:About 1kg

11.Cord length:65cm



1. Innovative integrated design, the structure upgrade is safer without entanglement, and the ultra-mini can also have strong performance

2. The juice is extracted by a silent and low-speed cold-pressing screw, the original flavor is not added, and the slag juice is separated quickly and smoothly.

3. High-purity original juice can be extracted without adding water, the juice yield is as high as 97%, and cold-pressed juice can also be DIY

4. The original juice is cold-pressed to delay the oxidation of the juice, retain the nutrients of fruits and vegetables, vitamins and enzymes, and can also be full of vitamin C in winter.

5. Easy to disassemble, easy to install, easy to buckle, easy to clean and store, suitable for a variety of fruits and vegetables.

【Recruitment of distribution and partners】

Distribution area: Asia and North America

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