Japan Double Clean| Air Purifying Instant Heating and Cooling Bladeless Tower Fan|TKSBIZ

Japan Double Clean| Air Purifying Instant Heating and Cooling Bladeless Tower Fan|TKSBIZ



【Product Parameters】

1.Brand:Double Clean

2.Name:Double Clean Air Purifying Instant Heating and Cooling Bladeless Tower Fan

3.Maintenance time:1 Year

4.Brand Made in China

5.Color: White

6. Packing list: main body, remote control, manual

7. Main material: ABS

8. Power: 33-2000W

9. Rated voltage: 220-240V

10. Product weight: 5.4kg

11. Power cord length: 2m


1. Both heating and cooling, room temperature cool wind and constant warm wind, two options, to meet the different heating and cooling needs of the four seasons.

2. Turbine natural wind, using innovative wind turbine and vortex design, the air "discharged" by the rotation of the impeller forms a high-speed airflow from the impeller to the air duct. The triangular shape of the fuselage will effectively promote the formation of cross air ducts, making the wind feel softer and closer to natural wind.

3. HEPA filter, with filters on both sides, effectively removes PM0.3 or larger particles, and the air gets fresher as it blows.

4.UV ultraviolet sterilization, 99% sterilization rate, effectively realizes the inactivation of bacteria and purifies the air.

5. 12-hour timer, you can turn on and off at any time according to your own wishes.

6. More wind speed options, up to 12 gears for cool wind at room temperature, and up to 8 gears for constant warm wind.

7. Portable and mobile, with wheels at the bottom of the machine, it is convenient for you to transfer easily at any time.

8. The 60° wide-angle shaking head function can radiate a wider range, and with high-grade wind power, it can accelerate the air circulation of the whole house.

9. Power off when tipped over, equipped with a power off function when tipped over, when the body is tilted at a small angle, or when the machine falls down, the power will be cut off immediately, fully protecting the safety of you and the people around you.

10. Shutdown memory, keep the power plugged in and the dumping power-off function of the machine is not triggered, turn it off and then on again, it will automatically set the parameters used last time.

11. No leaf protection, the wind leaf is hidden inside, and the wind is safer in places where children cannot reach.

【Recruitment of distribution and partners】

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